Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lots going on around here

So lately things have been crazy busy and pretty stressful!

A lot to do with real estate.

Our very first home we owner financed and sold to a family that we are now going to have to foreclose on. Big stressful hassle.

(Can't find a picture of our very first home.)

Our second home we were having to rent out due to it being a newer home in a young neighborhood and that isn't going so well so we have decided to do a short sale on that.

Our current home which we also bought new is having issue after issue. Fortunately it is still under warranty which is somewhat of a hassle as they seem to want to argue everything. Ugh!!!

We are so ready to be done with all this real estate business. Each home has had their memories and were great for us during those times...not so much now.

These things among others have kept us very busy. And a little stressed.  I will continue to trust that everything will work in the perfect way and time.

Rach Siggy

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