Saturday, February 2, 2013

Thrift store

Lamp makeover!

I got this little lamp a long time ago with hopes to do something with it, though I was unsure at the time.

I got for a whoppin' 50% off of $3.95.  It really broke us.

So since the hubby is off at Drill, I wanted to do something crafty and not horribly time consuming.

I gathered up stuff I already had, yellow spray paint, and some clearance white ruffle fabric I bought long ago as well, some scissors, and a glue gun.

Yeah buddy!!  I do things the easy way! :) 

Perfect little lamp for Shayleigh's nightstand!

Rach Siggy

1 comment:

  1. awesome job! I am just not crafty like that--I hope Shayleigh loves it. :)



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