Wednesday, January 2, 2013


There are always so many things to work on. 

I really like this,

I want to be more intentional about everything.


I know it seems so general but I want to do it in every area.. in our home, in our daily lives, parenting, marriage.


On what's truly important.  God.  Family.  Health.


Everything!  It will help to not procrastinate on everything.  It will help in the everday life as well.  Since the move, life has been nothing but chaos and change.  We never truly had a chance to unpack and find places for everything. 


Focus on getting our finances together and save more.  We have already started the process for that but definitely want to be more intentional with it.


Our own kids more, our everyday life.

Well that's a start.  Hopefully I can stick to this stuff.  Hopefully writing it all out will help!

Rach Siggy

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  1. love that graphic with all the sayings--perfect! :) I need to do all the things on your list as well...organizing and simplifying are big ones. Our house is a mess and we have too much stuff!



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