Friday, November 16, 2012

Mean green

Mommy monster...

That was me yesterday. That saying that kids can get on your very. Last. Nerve. Is true and it happened to me.

All I was trying to do was make sure I had good info to take them to the museum but no one could follow directions and just allow me a couple minutes to do what I needed. So that's when the mean green mommy monster came.. It was ugly. It was terrible. I felt terrible, I know after it all they felt terrible as well.

I'm glad we ended up getting to the museum with our friends because I think we needed out of the house even more after our morning!

To make that even better.. we went to the museum with another home school family. As we are sitting outside eating our lunch that we brought. One of my children, can't remember who it was now. Looked at over at the other mom and said, "So, did you yell at your kids a lot this morning?"  My friend couldn't help but laugh because I had already told her how great(there's a hint of sarcasm) our morning had been. It's one of those times you either laugh or cry.

So last night as we were getting everyone ready for bed I was grateful for today being a new day. Thankful for God's grace and praying the kids can show me some too. after yesterday.

Do you have days like that? What do you do to turn it around? I'm not sure if we didn't leave the house if we would have been able to start fresh. I need some ideas!

Rach Siggy

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  1. I totally have days like those--usually when I haven't gotten enough sleep or am stressed about getting stuff done. I always end up feeling guilty--and it happens way too often! When it does, I try to calm down, take a few deep breaths, and then do something silly with the kids--tickling tends to work well because it gets everyone laughing. Sometimes I just apologize for acting crazy, and sometimes I make big exaggerated fun of myself for acting nuts. Of course, some days, I just can't get out of the funk and we just have to start fresh the next day!



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