Tuesday, October 30, 2012


In our last house we found THE perfect color. It was so perfect I think we would have been happy with it everywhere!

But now we are in a new house, different layout, different light.. And still in love with our old color.

Our kitchen is in desperate need of paint, because of the flat paint on the walls, I can't wash them. It's terrible especially with four little ones with dirty hands most of the time. 

So I decided to go get a couple of samples just to start thinking about paint colors in here. I put the color of our old living room on the bottom so we can see what color works well with it since it will more than likely end up in the living room here. With the husband not knowing that the bottom being our old color replied with, "I like the bottom one!" Hmm... Yes we must really love that color!

Paint chips can be so deceiving, though. I know these didn't look like this on the chips.

So what do you think?  Which one would work well in a kitchen and look good against the bottom color? :)
Rach Siggy

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