Friday, October 26, 2012

Silent voice of..


I shaved my head a few months ago, not because I have cancer, not even because I have a friend with cancer.  I did it to give hope, to love on others, to be a silent voice for woman.  To hopefully share with woman that it's not the hair, make-up, and clothes that make us beautiful but what shines from the inside. 

I have this dream of spreading this like a wild fire.  Shaving my head was life changing.  Shear Hope is life changing.  I want to be a voice for that.  We love on people just for the sake of its what human kind should do, it feels right.  I would walk around bald forever if it could be a loud enough voice.

I want my eight year old daughter to understand that even though our society says she's only beautiful a certain way, that that's a lie.  She's perfect in the eyes of God.  I want my sons to understand what true beauty in a woman is.  I want the lady in grocery store with a bandanna over her bald head to know that she's beautiful with no hair, cancer is ugly not her. 

I want to show my children what it means to give, and to give freely.  To love on someone when they are going through a rough time, and how awesome it feels to do that. 

I think the purest form of HOPE is to give so that others see the hope you that you have, that comes from a place far from here on Earth.


This is my first post for Five-minute Friday!

Five Minute Friday

Rach SiggyAlso, check the amazing charity I shaved my head for at to get more info!


  1. Welcome to Five Minute Friday. I'm not sure I'd have the guts to shave my head, but I agree with you about what we teach our children about beauty. I want my daughter to know that she's smart, not just pretty and for my son to realize that all women deserve respect, not just those beautiful on the outside. You are setting a challenging example of the rest of us.

  2. This is very sweet. I have a daughter who is a diesel mechanic and can grow hair like no one I have ever meet. Her three strand braid is 3 times the thickness of mine. So, she has donated to locks of love, twice. My son has a friend who is doing the same too. Last night we talking to Patrick that he can just shave his off, so he wont have to have is as long as Mary does.
    This was a completely different thought for a woman to not just donate her hair, but shave her head, seems to make it complete.

  3. The laundry blog, I am not sure I knew it was something I was capable of until I saw it and then it just stirred something inside me and I then knew it was something I HAD to do. Making sure our children know what true beauty is, is so difficult and that we are trying to teach them something different than society is huge in itself!

  4. Deena, that is awesome of your daughter and your son's friend. It will truly make a difference in a child's life! Shaving my head was incredibly amazing! :)



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