Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I, like a lot people probably can't believe the end of 2012 is here. We have had quite an eventful year this year! It's been a year full of changes.

-Sean went off active duty Army.

-We moved to Dallas.

-Sean started a new career with PepsiCo.

-We decided to embark on a home school journey with our kids!

-We moved twice in a couple months.

-Had lots of different real estate transactions.

-Shayleigh turned 8, Aiden turned 6, Jackson turned 4, and Knox turned 2!

-I came in contact with my Dad after not been in contact in over 8 years to find out he has terminal cancer. :(

-I shaved my head for Shear Hope!!!

-We unexpectedly took on two extra kids for a couple months.

-We had an awesome beach vacation and got spend time with Sean's awesome aunt and grandparents!

-Jackson and Aiden both played soccer this fall, and Shayleigh got back into gymnastics.

-We had a quiet WHITE Christmas!!

What an eventful year full of changes!

Rach Siggy

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