Thursday, November 29, 2012

feeling and looking more like...


I love the feeling that comes with having a Christmas tree up, it feels warm, inviting, cozy, and reminds me of spending time with the ones I love the most.  I love the feeling that comes with ornaments from the past. 

We still have the ornaments I bought when we were just newly married, with a new baby, at 18 and 19 and to top it Sean was in Iraq.  I buoght a small tree, for our small apartment, and decorated it with ornaments from the dollar store.  Thinking back to those times sure does make me greatful, we have come such a long ways.  We have had many trying times but we have also withstood many tests. 

We may not have a ton of decorations.  But considering that we have been married ALMOST nine years, moved six times, had four babies, two deployments and times of living apart due to the Army, we have plenty.  And the memories they all bring have so many emotions tied to them.  I just love it. 

I have tried collecting little bits over the years from various places, resale shops, flea markets, Hobby Lobby... ect.  I love the way it all comes together.  Some very non-traditional, and some very traditional.  It fits us.  We started in least traditional way but we love to build traditions with our little family all the same. 


Love the texture the burlap and tulle bring to the tree!
Rach Siggy

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  1. Your tree is beautiful! I love unpacking our ornaments every year, too--I have so many from when I was little that I made or my mom or grandma made for me...lots of memories, and I love building them more with our kids. I'm glad you guys are together this Christmas! :)



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