Friday, August 10, 2012


Welcome to our crazy, but simple life. Yes, we do live in the Suburbs, and my husband, once soldier, now works in the city. We have four, awesome, crazy smart, fun, children. And so in the midst of living in the suburbs we (almost) always try to enjoy the simple life.

Meaning, we are those"crazy" people that home school, and don't go to the doctor more than necessary.

We do use herbs, and homoeopathic remedies when we can, and make things that we might be able to buy.

We try to eat as healthy as possible without taking it to an extreme, because when it boils down to it, we enjoy food, of all types. So I just try to do as healthy, well balanced as possible with the occasional fun splurge's!

We do have only one television in the house, because we love spending as much quality time "doing" and "being" a family as possible.

When I have a second, which really doesn't happen, (I mostly make a second to craft every now and then) because it feeds my soul!

Most importantly, I want to share the love of Jesus with my children, even though I sometimes feel like the farthest thing from it, I will try my darndest to show them the grace he has shown me!

I welcome you to join me on our journey trying to live the somewhat simple life in this crazy, fast paced world!

Rach Siggy

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  1. Hi friend! That is a nice blog. I enjoyed reading it!



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