Tuesday, February 19, 2013

9th Birthday party!

With Shayleigh's birthday we have to be what seems even more creative than normal with it being in February.  In Texas you just cannot depend on the weather to cooperate.  It will be either really cold and snowing or nice. 

In the past she's had a Candy Land birthday, a cooking party, and now this an Art party.  She's a very creative, craft little girl!

So this fit perfectly.

We had an apron, canvas, paints, and brushes for each girl.

Instead of telling them what to paint, they created their own little masterpiece!  They all had a blast.

Here are a few pictures of the party.  I honestly didn't get many as I didn't start until the first guest arrived and it's hard to host and photograph. Oh well.


Somehow I didn't even manage to get Shayleigh in focus.  It still was a very cute, little party.  On a pretty tight budget too.  :)  For what we did, I think it turned out great!

Rach Siggy

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  1. your parties are always amazing, and this one was no exception! I love the art idea with the canvases--I will probably be stealing that for one of Abby's future parties. :) Great job!!



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