Monday, January 7, 2013

Is nine years enough?

I can hardly believe that she will be NINE.  Seriously. I know I say this every year with every kid.  But this is stirring something inside me.  That's halfway to 18.  I don't feel like I have taught her enough, or spent enough time with her.  How did this happen?  Is she going to know everything she needs to before she leaves the house in just a short nine years?  I mean really this nine years has flown by.  Thank God, she is so forgiving of my mistakes.  I long to be the perfect mother for her and I know I fail everyday.  I am human.  But man... I seriously need to step it up.  What are some things I wished I were taught as a little girl?  There were so many.  I try so hard on a daily basis to ensure that she grows up differently than I did.  I want to help give her wings to fly and do great things. 

Just a baby about to have a baby.
The moment my life changed forever.

This was going to be a post about what her birthday party was going to be... and this is what it turned into.  I guess, I will to try that again another day. :)

Rach Siggy<

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  1. I love all the pictures! S looks just like herself as a baby--you can totally tell it's her! And you haven't changed one bit, either--hard to believe that was 4 kids ago. I think you are teaching her all the right things, just by being you--you are an inspiration!



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