Sunday, December 2, 2012

It's December!

And though it doesn't feel like it's close to Christmas because it's 85 degrees here in Texas, we are still doing Christmas things and have the season on our mind!

Two things...

Today we put up an Advent calendar, and I LOVE it!!

Soon, I am going to talk about how we are doing Christmas presents this year. Each kid is only getting...

Something they NEED

Something they WANT

Something to WEAR


Something to READ

We really want to focus on what we have and are grateful for and what the season is about which is GIVING, not receiving. :) It will be so much easier to be grateful for things you really need and want rather than so much that it is overwhelming. The truth is.. my kids really have pretty much everything they need, and have plenty they want. So we are going to be very intentional with what we buy which is a little bit more difficult than it may seem. But I am excited for this change and excited for the memories we will make and the ways we are going to love on others this season!

So, back to the Advent calendar... honestly we have never truly done an Advent, but now that it's on the wall I will be forced to stick to do something everyday, whether small or big! I know the kids are going to love it!

Check out what we made our advent calendar from...

(I'm having a really hard time getting the thing that allows  you to change the size of your picture to pop up.  It's about to drive me batty.  So I will leave like this for now... I'm new to all this blogging stuff.)

Rach Siggy


  1. This is a brilliant idea! Pinned it (:

  2. can you help me find the graphics for the numbers you used? Thanks

  3. Hey Rachael!
    It’s crazy to me, but I’m planning out some Christmas posts already! I am working on making a round-up of farmhouse Christmas decorating tips, and I would love to include your advent calendar. Do I have your permission use one image and link to this post in my round-up? I will always use a clear text link back to your site. It may also be included in a pinnable collage. Let me know - thank you so much!
    -Christina (

  4. Hello! I'd love to make one of these this year with my daughter! Can you please tell me where I can get the numbers? thanks much!

  5. Love this advent calendar idea. What size jars did you use? What did you use for the numbers?

    Brooklyn, NY



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